It seemed unbelievable that my daughter could nap with the puppies in this manner- I took a picture before checking her vital signs:)  When she awoke she said, “That was SO comfortable!!”




3 thoughts on “Naptime!:)

  1. So cute. who is the mommy and daddy of the puppies? My husband still wants to get another puppy for Sadie to have someone to play with. Sadie is doing very well. She’s a big girl now and has full run of the back yard and loves it. My daughter has a boxer that just turned one and she comes over and her and Sadie play and play chasing each other. It is so cute to see this little white fur ball chasing this big very tall boxer. Hope all is well with your family and beautiful fur babies.
    Regards, Dee Johnson.


  2. Posie (and Bob and Suzi) have moved to North Carolina! Posie took the cross country airline flight very well. She was in the cabin with us, of course! We have been in hotels but the house is ready so we move in this weekend!


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