The Wozniaks!!

What a pleasure it was to visit with the Wozniaks a couple weeks ago!  Based on my interactions with Janet (biologist) and Steve (co-founder of Apple) they are examples of brilliant, successful people that are kind, conscientious, and generous.  They shared their formula for life with my family, which is H=S-F (Happiness equals Smiles minus Frowns.) I was surprised by how very affectionate and playful Woz was with the puppies- laying down to wrestle with them and letting them lick his beard and run all over him!  He has perhaps more experience with Bichons than I do, since he has had several sets of Bichons over the past few decades. These lucky pups, Zelda and Ziggy, are now living large and enjoying princely treatment, reaffirming that some puppies I place dine on more filet mignon in a week than I do in a year!!  I wish Janet and Steve and the “Z’s” many happy, smiling years together!!

2 thoughts on “The Wozniaks!!

  1. Wow, that is great. I have always
    Heard that he was a wonderful person.
    Very lucky puppies to have such a
    Loving home. And wonderful for you
    To again know that your babies are
    Going to such a loving home.
    Sadie says hi. She is doing great.
    Loves everyone and everyone of
    Course loves her.
    Dee Johnson


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