Cozette in the Spotlight!!

Congratulations to Cozette- our little Fountain Grove celebrity.  She was featured in last month’s Fountain Grove Life Magazine and had her picture on the cover!  Here is the cover page and a link to the magazine PDF including the lovely write up about Cozette.  Thanks so much for sharing this, Sheri and Phil!!

1-image1 (1)


Way to go, Cozette!!  Keep making people smile!!



5 thoughts on “Cozette in the Spotlight!!

  1. She is so precious. This is Our Sadies
    sister. She looks like Sadie and yes
    they sure do make us laugh. What
    a beautiful article. Wish we lived close
    To her we would join the doggie group.


  2. Cozy is adorable! I agree Adrienne’s Bichons are perfect for therapy training. Our Maggie is the best little girl too! She loves her friends at Dodger’s Paws dog training. She is one of 8 from Pansy and Percy’s litter born 10-10-15. She goes everywhere with us, the quilt shop, Lowes, and grandkids little league. So happy to read about Cozy.


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