Bijou II!!


Thank you, Tom, for the 6 month update and picture of Bijou II!!

“Bijou II says Happy Friday.  She’s a great little girl, curious and lovable.  Loves all of her toys and brings many to me.  Hasn’t chewed on anything she’s not supposed to and is potty trained.  She weighed 8 lbs last month getting her last shot and heart worm pill.  She’s loved by all and travels well in the car.  She’s bigger than Sophie now and the two of them play together well.  She’s a star.”

Flashback:  Here’s Bijou II from a few months before- I love Tom’s creative poses!


image (2)


4 thoughts on “Bijou II!!

  1. I saw on your website that you have several new males. What has happened to Sir Percy? We adore our little Bichon, Sir Bentley;Sir Percy was the father.


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