Are they BEAUTIFUL or WHAT!?!

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Happy 1 year Wedding Anniversary to Katie and Scott!  Your photos turned out amazing and I am so happy for Bella to be in your loving family!

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Here they are in May picking up Bella! Bella has already completed a series of puppy classes and is now doing agility training, and she loves it!  What a lucky little girl!


5 thoughts on “Are they BEAUTIFUL or WHAT!?!

  1. Hi Adrienna, If I spelled your name incorrectly, please accept my apology. I came across the picture of your Bichones yesterday Do you have new litter of puppies ? I wish you were closer to us and I could come and see them. Best Regards Emma


  2. Always interesting to see your Website. Annie May is doing GREAT. She loves to chase and return
    anything and everything you throw for her. (Balls, Stuffed Toys,Etc.) She is SO MUCH FUN AND
    WE LOVE HER PERSONALITY. Skip and Gay Patterson


  3. Bluebonnets Just Right from Eden, aka Bonny, is so beautiful! Her coat is full and her eyes twinkle with bichon happiness all the time! She gets going on her buzz and makes us all laugh! Moving to Pacific northwest soon, see you after that!


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