Maude, Abigail, and a Tale of Two Charlies

What are the odds??? You’re not going to believe this.  Monday morning two puppies, Maude and Abigail, that went home last weekend to different families were coincidentally reunited…in the waiting room at their new vet in Marin County!!  They were waiting for their “new puppy exams” to confirm good health and to get established with their vet. They also discovered that they are both signed up for the same puppy class with the Humane Society, so they will be seeing more of each other! The sisters and their new mommies posed for a family picture!:)

1-IMG_3698 (1)

Another fun California Bichon coincidence occurred this summer in Carmel.  I received this email:

Dear Adrienne,

I had to drop you a quick note to share an awesome chance meeting Charlie and I had this week! Charlie and I (along with my family) spent a day in Carmel, CA. We walked all around town going in and out of the shops and meeting lots of friendly dogs in this very dog-friendly town. As we walked into the very cute Diggidy Dog shop we met what looked to be Charlie’s twin sister. After talking with the ladies with the “other” Charley, we discovered that the pups were half siblings. What a great chance meeting! I will definitely get together again with Diane and her sweet Charley soon, as we exchanged email addresses. I was so excited that I had to share with you!



Last week I received a darling Christmas card from Diane and Charley which mentioned that the two “Charlies” do have regular play dates!  Super fun!!!


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