Saying “Good Bye”

“How can you bear to part with them?”  This is a question I am asked often.  The sweetness of an innocent puppy gently cuddled in the loving, protective arms of its new family makes parting bearable.  The puppy looks trustingly into the face of one who becomes their best friend.  It is a special experience to witness this initial bonding.  These puppies are eagerly anticipated and careful preparations have been made by their conscientious families.  In exchange for this love and care the puppy promises affection and companionship. I am so glad to be a part of this.

These puppies will be living in Livermore, San Jose, Marin County (2 pups), Fresno, Benicia, Auburn, and Idaho.  Here are their fabulous, new families!

Saturday departures:

Sunday departures:

Monday morning:  Little Pearl flies to the Salt Lake City Airport!  Here she is at the Sacramento Airport for departure.  Snow awaited her in Idaho!

Pearl looks very comfortable with her new family!



Many hugs!!!


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