The 8 Week Well-Puppy Vet Visit!!!

It’s that time!! Almost 8 weeks old and getting ready to go to their new families soon! An important step is a well-puppy health exam by Dr. Rice.  We want to make sure each puppy is healthy.  This is a long visit as he weighs and carefully examines each pup.  In these photos you will see Dr. Rice checking out the puppies with help from his lovely assistant, Shannon.  See if you can find Dr. Rice examining eyes, ears, heart,  lungs, and bite.  Find pictures where he is checking for hernias and luxating patellas.  In one picture he is taking a puppy’s temperature.  Shannon found it quite a task to hold the puppies still when they wanted to lick her!

When the puppies passed their health examinations with flying colors it was time for a group picture!!  A big “THANK YOU” to Dr. Rice, Shannon, and Mike!!!



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