Two Weeks and Growing!

DSC_0006Checking in with an update at 2 weeks old.  The puppies’ eyes are starting to open and their pigmentation continues to fill in.  Nursing and sleeping are still the top priorities.  We hear an occasional growl, but it is far from menacing yet!  They are getting up on their legs and doing some walking.  Mama keeps them nice and clean.  She is producing a lot of milk- her appetite has almost doubled from last week!

DSC_0029 DSC_0028


3 thoughts on “Two Weeks and Growing!

  1. They are so sweet! I still can’t get over Pansy having 8 puppies! She is amazing. You and Pansy are taking great care of them. They look so great. I love how they cuddle together. It is so heart warming. (For the pups too!)

    Just a couple more questions: How many litters has Pansy delivered? What is the weight range now? How and when do you determine which puppy to pair up with the new family? Do you have people who want to show their dog?

    Just so excited. We are preparing her crate, ordered a snuggle pillow, and we chose a name, with my grand daughter, Kendall’s help. She will be our Maggie. (I was voted down with Dana Scully. )

    Thanks so much, Pat Sent from my iPad



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